A Darker Shade Of Magic by V. E. Schwab 

TOR publishing was amazing enough to send me the first and second book in this series for review. Sadly it took me longer then I’d like to get around to picking this book up. I flew through it though! It’s so easy to read and fast paced but you never feel rushed. I listened to the audiobook most of the time and I will say I didn’t exactly like the choice of narrator which was a older British man. Made it somewhat hard to fall for Kel, a young handsome sarcastic guy. 

The book is based on on Magic of course but also in different London’s, like flipping through pages in a book, Kel has nicknamed them so they don’t get confusing and he’s a traveler from London to London. All because he’s an Antari. 

Grey London is the one that doesn’t have Magic and is full of normal humans milling about. Kel travels there to keep up with its king and make sure no Magic is getting in and reeking havoc. This is also where Delilah Bard is from.

Red London is where Kel Maresh is from and he’s also part of the royal family (which isn’t the same in every London) it’s full of Magic and beauty. They are also the London that decided it was a good idea to close off Black London.

White London was the closest to Black London, the one that they closed off because dark magic was out of control. White is ruled by twins, Athos and Astrid….they are pure evil and want to control everything, every London. They also have the only other known Antari, Holland and he as well as the twins are pure evil. 

Then there is Black London and it’s closed off to die. A relic somehow escaped the closing and found its was to White London. A woman asks Kel to take a letter to her only living relative in another London and gives him a trinket as payment but he didn’t look at it ahead of time. The black rock infused with dark magic alters the story and people till the end.

There are 3 main characters I wanna talk about.

Kel Maresh- he’s you lead character and he’s a tall ginger with one blue eye and one solid black which is what marks him as an Antari. Even though most people have some Magic in each London except grey, he has an unlimited amount of all elements. Antari are also the only ones who can travel and make doors. He’s very sarcastic and tries to do what’s right but also wants to live his own life and I absolutely loved him.

Delilah Bard- she’s a thief in Grey London, mothers dead and father tried to sell her for sex. A random inn keeper keeps an eye on her but she mostly fends for herself. She has one brown glass eye and doesn’t know why…..I think she was marked as an Antari and someone tried to keep her safe by taking her eye. But the fact that she can pass through worlds and feel magic near makes me wonder….. just a theory. She also wants badly to be a pirate and own her own ship. Doesn’t like dresses. Sometimes she annoyed me and sometimes she didn’t. We will see in book two how I feel about her. I absolutely love how she usually would leave someone behind but can’t help but care and takes care of Kel.

Rhys Maresh- the prince of Red London, Kel is adopted and this is his brother. Rhy doesn’t have much magic and is super naive and sweet. He wants to be a good king but thinks he can’t because he lacks magic. Also I’m pretty sure he’s bisexual if not gay which I loved because diversity is always refreshing to see. He was in about half the book and enjoyed his parts. When Rhy is dying because of Astrid, Kel uses the black rock to not only save Rhys life but tether it to his own. 

I can’t wait to read book two and meet more characters. I don’t own book three but I’ll definitely be getting it soon. Overall I gave this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5. I didn’t give it all 5 because of small things, some moments seemed kinda predictable and I kinda wanted more from Kel and Lila, even though we did get those two little kisses…I wanted more!!!!!!

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